Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Vacation is officially O.V.E.R.

We got back into town late Friday night and to say I was naive about going back to reality is an understatement. 

Boston had tryouts for a traveling baseball team early Saturday morning then it was just going to be a lazy day by the pool.... which it was, but then we had Madi's parents vs players game (where almost no other parents showed up), Sunday lazy day as well... then Monday came - BOOM - reality hit me in the face!!

Boston's new team had asked him on Saturday if he could come watch 1 of the 4 games they had this week to make sure he wanted to play and then to come to batting practice on big deal, 1 game, added to Madi's dance on Monday & Thursday...WRONG.  They called him about an hour before we were going to leave for the game & dance and asked if he wanted to play.  So, I went to St. Joe with Madi for dance & acro, while DJ took Boston to Savannah for baseball.  Savannah is about 25 minutes PAST St. Joe.  His game didn't start until 7:30 and Madi's acro class got over at 7:50, so we headed that way to watch the end of his game.  After the game they asked if he would be able to play in the Tuesday double header games, of course he said yes.  Those games were at 5:30 & 7:30, it is HOT at 5:30 (this is me whining!!)  At 5:30 the temperature was 99* with the heat index making it 110*.  The boys complained a little, but not nearly as much as all the adults just sitting and watching!!  He is loving this team, they are a lot better than his spring league team, but he is by no means the star of the show, which is good, he will work a little harder and learn a lot more now.  They have another game tonight, then batting practice tomorrow night while Madi has dance again.

As of now, the kids have no plans for Friday night - woohoo - but Saturday, Madi has try-outs for competition team at Darcee's.  It's a good thing we just refinanced our house, because we will need the money we saved to pay for all of the gas, equipment, costumes, uniforms, meals, etc etc for all of these added events for our minions.

I am a little concerned that one of the two is going to get burnt out, but at this moment, the both of them LOVE what they're doing, so if there's an opportunity for them to keep going instead of taking a break, we're going to let them do it.

Here's to next week being a little quieter . . . Madi's schedule will be the same, but Boston should only have a practice or two and no games... unless they get their tournament scheduled.

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